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  Fair Trade

Final Products to be certified:

  Agricultural Inputs  
  Aquaculture & Aquaculture Products  
  Processed Plant Products  
  Processed Animal & Fishery Products  
  Live Animals & Animal Products (including beekeeping)  

Target market:

  Sri Lanka
  Other Countries (specify)  
The company has been registered or certified with another certification body:
  Currently certified by Certification Body but is considering to change
  Currently certified by Certification Body for activities/products/locations
Current Certification Body:

  Active until expiry date
Expiry date:   
(Include all information such as barangay, municipalities and provices.)
(Include all information per activity i.e. number of farms, number of farmers, number of processing facilities, etc.)

Type of Management

Directly owned / Managed
  Yes - Which activities:
  production     consolidation     processing     etc  
Subcontracted Activities
  Yes - Which activities:
  production     consolidation     processing     etc  
Grower group w/ Internal Control System
  Yes - Which activities:
  production     consolidation     processing     etc