Note : Only for clients with issued organic certificate. For Other clients under process please contact us.

Command Organization Full Name Job Title Scope Products Certificate # Certificate Effecttivity Certificate Expiration
Send Us Email BPI- National Crop Research and Development Center Baguio Jesus Aspuria Center Chief AI-Gen Planting Material: Perrenial Crops, Legume Seeds, Leafy Vegetables Seeds, Planting Material: Fruit Crops, Planting Material: Rootcrops, Potted Plants: Spices and herbs 034918-1 11-Jul-18 10-Jul-19
Send Us Email Camat Organic Integrated Farm Villafuerte S. Camat Jr. Farm Owner CP Fruit Vegetable Crops; Root Crops; Legumes; Grain Crops- Rice 037918-1 19-Oct-18 18-Oct-19
Send Us Email CRV Rice Mill Cipriano M. Vicente General Manager CP (Minimal Processing), AP Grain Crops, Perrenial Crops, Fruit-Vegetable Crops, Leafy Vegetable Crops, Legumes, Rootcrops, Swine (Piglets-weaners), Chicken (Layers), Sheep & Goats (Fattener) 034818-1; 034818-2 11-Jul-18 10-Jul-19
Send Us Email DA - Cagayan Valley Research Center RFO 2 (CVRC) Rickson T. Baldugo Agriculturist II CP, AI-Gen Fruit-Vegetable Crops, Leafy-Vegetable Crops, Legume Crops, Herbs and Spices, Perennial Crops, Root Crops, Grain Crops, Other Crops 038618-1 29-Oct-18 28-Oct-19
Send Us Email DA - Nueva Vizcaya Experiment Station (NVES) Engr. Blesita C. Tega Manager CP, AP, AI-Gen Grain Crop Seed, Legumes Seeds, Vegetable Crop Seeds, Perennial Crops-Fruits, Rootcrops-seed pieces; Swine (Weaners); Poultry (Chicks); Poultry (Eggs) 037218-1; 037218-2; 5-Oct-18 4-Oct-19
Send Us Email DA - Southern Cagayan Research Center (SCRC) Mayda Callueng Senior Science Research Specialist AI-Gen Planting Materials: Legumes, Leafy Vegetables, Fruit vegetables 038318-1 27-Oct-18 26-Oct-19
Send Us Email DA-Quirino Experiment Station (QES) Engr. Rolando D. Pedro ACC III/QES Manager CP, AP Fruit-Vegetable Crops Seeds, Legume Crops Seeds, Grain Crops Seeds; Goat (Doe & Kid) 038418-1; 038418-2 29-Oct-18 28-Oct-19
Send Us Email DA-Regional Integrated Agricultural Research Center (RIARC) Coleta C. Quindong Center Chief CP, AP, AI-Gen Vegetable Fruit seeds, Legumes Seeds, Perennial Seedlings, Grain Crop Seeds 037518-1; 037518-2 24-Nov-18 24-Nov-19
Send Us Email Deos Farm and Organic Lorde A. Magoncia Owner AI-OSA Prolife Organic Plant Supplement 039218-1 21-Nov-18 20-Nov-19
Send Us Email DJMV Farm Dewey Albufera Owner CP Grain Crops,Leafy Vegetable Crops, Fruit Vegetable Crops 037718-1 18-Oct-18 17-Oct-19
Send Us Email DMI Medical Supply Co., Inc. -Heavenbount Eco-Farm Gina Marie M. Espejo Managing Director CP, AI-Gen Perennial Crops, Root Crops, Leafy Vegetable Crops, Planting Materials 036218-1 24-Aug-18 23-Aug-19
Send Us Email Don Bosco Multipurpose Cooperative (formerly Bios Dynamis Multipurpose Coop Romano Laurilla General Manager CP (minimal processing), GG Grain Crops, Perennial Crops, Fruit-Vegetables Crops, Leafy Vegetables Crops, Legume Crops, 036018-1 24-Aug-18 23-Aug-19
Send Us Email Ecumenical Church Foundation Inc Phils. (ECLOF) Rosemary Castro President CP Leafy Vegetable Crops, Fruit Vegetable Crops, Root crops, Legumes, Grain Crops 036118-1 22-Aug-18 21-Aug-19
Send Us Email Gabutero Organic farm Supply Nelson B. Gabutero Owner CP Grain Crops: Unmilled Rice; Leafy Vegetable Crops; Fruit Vegetable Crops; Herbs and Spices 037418-1 23-Nov-18 23-Nov-19
Send Us Email Gerald Sunia Pistola Fruits and Vegetable Dealer Sunia Pistola Owner TD Leafy vegetables, Root Crops, Legume Crops 039118-1 9-Nov-18 8-Nov-19
Send Us Email Goa Agri Producers and Processors Association (GAPPA) Alberto T. Calooy Quality Control Manager CP, AP Fruit-Vegetable Crops, Perennial Crops, Leafy Vegetable Crops, Spices, Legumes, Root Crops; Swine (Weanlings), Poultry: Eggs, Poultry: Live 039518-1; 039518-2 07-Dec-18 06-Dec-19
Send Us Email Gonzaga Farm Engr. Claudio P. Gonzaga Owner CP, AP Leafy-Vegetables Crops, Fruit-Vegetable Crops, Fruit Crops (Perennial & Annual), Herbs and Spices, Rootcrops, Legumes, Grain Crops; Poultry (Live Chicken) 038218-1; 038218-2 27-Oct-18 26-Oct-19
Send Us Email Greenmax Organik Manuelito D. Evangelista Manager AI-OSA, AI-OBCA Greenmax Organik BM Plant Supplement 035918-1 27-Jul-18 26-Jul-19
Send Us Email Herbanext Inc. Philip Cruz General Manager Pr, RC (CP) Perrennial Crops; Herbs, Spices & Herbal Crops; Rootcrops; Tea Products; Capsule products; Fruit preserve and Jam; Sprayed dried herbal extracts; Oil products 037618-1; 037618-2 18-Oct-18 17-Oct-19
Send Us Email Kablon Farm Foods Corporation Ernesto B. Pantua General Manager CP, Pr Perennial Crops-Fruits; Processed Cacao Products; Processed Coconut Products; Processed Mangosteen and Guyabayo Products 037118-1; 037118-2 18-Sep-18 17-Sep-19
Send Us Email Kuvi Integrated Farm Giangan, Rogelio T. Owner CP, Pr Coffee, Coffee Green Beans, KUVI Civet Coffee 035618-1; 035618-2 26-Jul-18 25-Jul-19
Send Us Email Lao Integrated Farms Inc. Benjamin R Lao President/CEO CP Leafy Vegetable Crops,Vegetable Fruit Crops , Rootcrops, Herbs and Spices, Legumes 035018-1 11-Jul-18 10-Jul-19
Send Us Email Leonie Agri Corp Antonio L. Causing Managing Director CP, Pr, SP-WH Fruit-Vegetable Crops, Leafy Vegetable Crops, Root Crops, Legumes, Herbs and Spices, Grain Crops, Herbals, Perennial Crops, Dried and Powdered Herbal Products 018616-1 10-Sep-18 9-Sep-19
Send Us Email Lebak Sustainable Organic Agriculture Multi-Purpose Cooperative (LESOA-MPC) Rodrigo R. Mermal Chairman CP (Minimal Processing); TD Milled Black Rice, Milled White Rice (in-conversion) 035718-1 26-Jul-18 25-Jul-19
Send Us Email Life Giving Center for Integral Evangelization, Incorporated (LGCIEI) Rev. Fr. Anthony Peter B. Addauan Director CP Leafy Vegetable Crops, Legume Crops, Fruit-Vegetable Crops, Perennial Crops, Herbs and Spices, Root Crops 038718-1 29-Oct-18 28-Oct-19
Send Us Email Mambatangan Organic Meat Corporation Dr. Sherly Tia Owner AP Swine (Piglets-weaners) 036418-1 15-Aug-18 14-Aug-19
Send Us Email Pilipino Organic Ways and Environmental Reconditioning Inc. (POWER) Marilou R. Payabyab President AI-OSA P.O.W.E.R Organic Plant Supplement 039618-1 13-Dec-18 12-Dec-19
Send Us Email PX Community Foods & Marketing, Inc. Paulino Buenconsejo Operations Manager CP Leafy Vegetables Crops, Fruit-Vegetable Crops, Perennial Fruit Crops, Legumes, Herbs and Spices, Rootcrops 037318-1 5-Oct-18 4-Oct-19
Send Us Email Raw Brown Sugar Atty. Florian Alcantara President RC (CP), RC (Pr) Sugarcane and Muscovado Sugar 035118-1 11-Jul-18 10-Jul-19
Send Us Email Ridge Farm Ric Agnapan Owner/ Manager CP Fruit-Vegetable Crops,Leafy Vegetable Crops, Vegetable Crops, Fruit Crops, Rootcrops, Legumes 036918-1 12-Sep-18 11-Sep-19
Send Us Email Phoenix Larrrel Agriventures Renato Dela Cruz Owner AI-OSA Envirozone Pyro Liquid Solution Organic Foliar Fertilizer; Envirozone Organic Plant Supplement 039318-1 4-Dec-18 3-Dec-19
Send Us Email Sagcungan Organic Biodynamic Herbal Producers Cooperative Nieva Escalante Chairman CP Herbs, Rootcrops, Perennial Crops 035818-1 26-Jul-18 25-Jul-19
Send Us Email Skin Science Laboratory Institute (FRV Organic Homestead) Eliza Eugenio Executive Assistant RC (CP), RC (Pr) VCO, Know it Oil 038918-1 15-Oct-18 3-Jul-19
Send Us Email St. John Organic Farm Crisologo A. Baguiwan Owner CP Leafy Vegetable Crops, Fruit Vegetable Crops, Legumes Crops, Fruit Crops 038818-1 18-Oct-18 17-Oct-19
Send Us Email Supreme Choice Integrated Farm Inc. Romeo Siy Owner AI-OSA, CP Herbs and Spices (Sweet Pepper), Leafy Vegetables (Lettuce), Supreme Choice Organic Plant Supplement 036618-1; 036618-2 29-Aug-18 28-Aug-19
Send Us Email The Agri-Planters and Food Processors Association of Tigaon (TAPFPAT) Salazar, Elmer S. Quality Control Manager CP (Milling), GG LEAFY Vegetables Crops, FRUIT Vegetables Crops, Rootcrops, Herbs & Spices, Perennial Crops, Grain Crops, Legumes 036518-1 29-Aug-18 28-Aug-19
Send Us Email Tungngod Organic Producers Association (TOPA) Lilia A. Dulnuan President SP-MP Mushroom 037818-1 19-Oct-18 18-Oct-19
Send Us Email Vermiflora Farm Vergel T. Nolasco Owner AI-OSA Vermilandia Vermicast Organic Plant Supplement 039018-1 21-Nov-18 20-Nov-19
Send Us Email Victory Global Unlimited Systems, Inc Buteng, Jaime B. President AI-OSA Full harvest microbial inoculant 038118-1 19-Oct-18 18-Oct-19
Send Us Email Agspec Philippines Corporation Palis, Felicitos V. President TD, RC (AI-OBCA) M-PEDE Organic Botanical BCA, Previsto 5AS Organic Botanical BCA 038518-1 29-Oct-18 28-Oct-19
Send Us Email All Around Organic Fertilizer Han Junho Director TD, RC (AI-OSA) Natural Farm Liquid Plant Supplement 038018-1 19-Oct-18 18-Oct-19
Send Us Email Biostadt Philippines, Inc. Shalan Joseph E. Kitma Technical and Product Development Executive TD, RC (AI-OSA) NeemactinBiological Pesticide (BCA) 026517-1 25-Apr-17 17-Feb-18
Send Us Email Enviro Scope Synergy Inc. (ESSI) Reymond Q. Magdato Registration Officer TD, RC (AI-OSA), RC (AI-OBCA) Janus Plant Supplement, Aphrodite Organic Fertilizer, Kronos Plant Supplement and Juno Organic BCA 037018-1 26-Sep-18 25-Sep-19
Send Us Email Nestle Philippines, Inc Reber, Jacques CEO TD, RC (Pr) Nestle Full Cream Milk Powder
Send Us Email Nestle Thailand Sapaporn Kangvanvegchkul Business Executive Officer-Wyeth Nutrition TD, RC (Pr) S-26 Organic SMA; NAN Organic Starter; S-26 Organic Promil; S-26 Organic progress; NAN KID Organic 035318-1 11-Jul-18 10-Jul-19
Send Us Email Pine Valley Corporation Nestor P. Caoili President & General Manager TD, RC (AI-OBCA) Ozoneem Trishul Organic Botanical BCA, AllGrow Organic Botanical BCA 036318-1 14 August 2018 (reissued 12 Sept 2018) 13-Aug-19
Send Us Email Radialpro Trading, Inc. Rajesh N. Gagoomal President TD, RC (AI-OSA), RC (AI-OBCA) Parker Neem Cake Plant Supplement, Enviro Ultra Action Organic Fertilizer, Enviro Hi-Crop Plan Supplement and Parker Neem Tonic Organic Botanical BCA 036818-1 12 September 22018 (reissued 13 Sept 2018) 11-Sep-19
Send Us Email Wyeth Singapore Sugiarto Eko Production Manager Pr Milk Products: Organic Infant Formula Stage 1; Organic Follow-On Formula Stage 2; Organic Growing up Milk Stage 3 035218-1 11-Jul-18 10-Jul-19
Send Us Email Wyeth Philippines Inc. Mr. Bert Demeyere President/ General Manager TD, RC (Pr) S-26 ProOrganic or S-26 Organic, S-26 Promil ProOrganic or S26 Promil Organic, Promil ProOrganic or Promil Organic 035518-1 11-Jul-18 10-Jul-19
Send Us Email Abrasa Multi-Purpose Cooperative Clemente, Evelyn T General Manager AI-OSA ECO-V Plant Supplement 041219-1 12-April-2019 11-April-2019
Send Us Email Baliland Enterprises Inc Lourdes Go Ting President CP Leafy vegetables crops, Fruit- vegetable Crops, Grain crops, Legume Crops, Fruit crops 041519-1 12-Apr-2019 11-Apr-2020
Send Us Email GN Biogreen Kophil Corporation Noel Sapiera Marketing Head Pangasinan Himala Soil Conditioner 041419-1 12-Apr-2019 11-Apr-2020
Send Us Email Isabela Biotech Enterprises Mr. Alfredo Alili/Felicidad Alili Proprietor AI-OSA Bio-Synergy Organic Fertilizer 041319-1 12-Apr-2019 11-Apr-2020
Send Us Email MAPECON SEAIT INC. Gonzalo Catan Vice President AI-OSA Green V Plus Vermicast (Plant Supplement) 041619-1 24-Apr-2019 23-Apr-2020
Send Us Email Tropical Organic Harvest Phils. Corp ( formerly Limketkai Manufacturing Corp) Oh, Edward Business Manager RC (CP), RC (Pr) Coconut Sap, Coconut Sugar, Coconut Syrup, Coconut Vinegar 041819-1 & 041819-2 24-Apr-2019 30-Nov-2019
Send Us Email Hanton Bio Manufacturing Corporation Aram Benson Fernandez Quality Manager TD, RC (AI-OSA) Hanyong Yoobak Plant Supplement; Duetshimae plant supplement 041119-1 & 041119-2 10-Apr-2019 09-Apr-2020
Send Us Email Rodel Chem Corp Mr. Benjamin C. Del Rosario President TD, RC (AI-OBCA) Flower DS 041619-1 & 041619-2 24-Apr-2019 23-Apr-2020