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Certificates Re-issued means that the previous certificate(s) issued are no longer valid and can no longer be used as reference to certification by OCCP ICSI in the company’s transactions, websites, publicity, etc.

Updated as of : Aug 13, 2021
Command Organization Full Name Job Title Scope Products Certificate # Certificate Effecttivity Certificate Expiration
Send Us Email DA - Cagayan Valley Research Center RFO 2 (CVRC) Engr. Rolando D. Pedro CVRC Manager CP, AI-Gen (PNS 07:2016) Fresh and Planting Materials: Fruit-Vegetable Crops, Leafy-Vegetable Crops, Legume Crops, Herbs and Spices, Perennial Crops, Root Crops, Grain Crops, Other Crops 051920-1 18-Nov-20 17-Nov-21
Send Us Email DA-Nueva Vizcaya Experiment Station (NVES) ARSENIO M. APOSTOL, JR. ACC III/Station Manager CP, AP, AI-Gen (PNS 07:2016) Grain Crop Seed, Legumes Seeds, Vegetable Crop Seeds, Perennial Crops- Fresh Fruits, Rootcrops-seed pieces, own feedstuff; Native Chicken-Pullets; Native Swine-Gilts/Jr. Boar; Peckin Duck-Breeder Duck 052220-1; 052220-2 19-Nov-20 18-Nov-21
Send Us Email DA-Southern Cagayan Research Center (SCRC) Engr. Monico R. Castro, Jr. Station Manager CP, AI-Gen (PNS 07:2016) Fruit Vegetables and Seeds, Fresh Legumes and Seeds, Leafy Vegetable and seeds, 052320-1 18-Nov-20 17-Nov-21
Send Us Email DA-Quirino Experiment Station (QES) Engr. Fidelino Cabantac OIC Station Manager AI-Gen, AP (PNS 07:2016) Grain Seeds, Fruit Vegetable Seeds, Legume Seeds, & Goat (Live) 052720-1; 052720-2 20-Nov-20 19-Nov-21
Send Us Email DA-Regional Integrated Agricultural Research Center (RIARC) Coleta C. Quindong Center Chief AP, AI-Gen (PNS 07:2016) Vegetable Fruit seeds and Legume seeds, Perennial Seedlings, Grain Crop Seeds (Rice) & swine (gilts) 054020-1 054020-2 29-Dec-20 28-Dec-21
Send Us Email Gonzaga Farm Ms. Aida Gonzaga Owner CP, AP (PNS 07:2016) Leafy-Vegetables Crops, Fruit-Vegetable Crops, Fruit Crops (Perennial & Annual), Herbs and Spices, Rootcrops, Legumes, Grain Crops; Live Hogs, Live Chicken, Live Ducks, Chicken Eggs, Duck Eggs 052420-1 052420-2 18-Nov-20 17-Nov-21
Send Us Email Nestle Philippines, Inc Ms. Ma. Melissa Ayson BEO Rc (Pr), TD (PNS 07:2016 and OCCP Private Certification Program) Gerber: Baby Food-Apple Blueberry Puree; Baby Food-Apple Apricot Peach Puree and Baby Food-Peas Brocolli Zucchini Puree 053120-1 10-Dec-20 9-Dec-21
Send Us Email Pecuaria Development Cooperative Inc. Miller Bicaldo General Manager CP (PNS 07:2016, PNS 42:2008) Organic Red Rice, Organic Black Rice, Organic Milled Red Rice, Organic Milled Black Rice 051020-1 30-Aug-20 29-Aug-21
Send Us Email Showam Organic Products, Inc. (SOPI) Mr. Hirokazu Matsushima President AI-OSA (PNS 07:2016, PNS 183:2016) Organic Pure Brown Plant Supplement 051220-1 08-Sep-20 07-Sep-21
Send Us Email Aktiv Multi Trading Co. Phils., Inc. Rex John R. Celiz Technical Representative TD, RC (AI-OBCA) (PNS 07:2016, PNS 182:2016 and OCCP Private Certification Program) AKTRIN 48 SL Organic Botanical BCA 050820-1 and 050820-2 07-Aug-20 06-Aug-21
Send Us Email Wyeth Philippines Inc. Mr. Bert Demeyere President/ General Manager TD S-26 ProOrganic or S-26 Organic, S-26 Promil ProOrganic or S26 Promil Organic, Promil ProOrganic or Promil Organic Brand: Infant Formula and Milk Supplement 053021-1 26-Nov-20 25-Nov-21
Send Us Email Wyeth Nutritionals (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. Roberto Tambosso Factory Manager Pr (PNS 07:2016) S-26 Organic; Nan Organic One; S-26 Organic SMA; NAN Organic Starter; S-26 Promil Organic; Nan Organic Two; S-26 Organic Promil; Promil Organic; S-26 Organic Progress; NANKID Organic Brand: Milk Products: Organic Infant Formula Stage 1; Organic Follow-On Formula Stage 2; Organic Growing up Milk Stage 3 052820-1 26-Nov-20 25-Nov-21
Send Us Email DA-Northern CAgayan Experiment Station RFO 2 (NCES) Marilou B. Agaid, PhD Station Manager CP, AI-Gen (PNS 07:2016) Rice, PerennialCrop, Seeds and Fresh Fruit Vegetables Legume Vegetables Root Crops Leafy Vegetable 052520-1 19-Nov-20 18-Nov-21
Send Us Email EMLZ Trading Edgar A. Loking Proprietor AI-OSA (PNS 07:2016, PNS 183:2016) Organic Fertilizer: Kael brand 056021-1 8-Apr-21 7-Apr-22
Send Us Email Heaven's Bounty Farm Ella E. Bidal Owner AI-OSA ( PNS 07:2016, PNS 183:2016) Bio-green Organic Plant Supplement 053920-1 26-Dec-20 25-Dec-21
Send Us Email Vizcaya Fresh! Organic Advocates Inc. Amos B. Dayag Operations Manager CP (PNS 07:2016) Vizcaya Fresh Brand: Assorted vegetables and Perennial crops (Fruits) 052620-1 20-Nov-20 19-Nov-21
Send Us Email Willy's Integrated Farm Emmylou Loresto Owner CP (PNS 07:2016) Willy's and Under Company Name: Pigments Rice, Equivalent milled rice, Grain and Legume crops; Fruit Vegetables, Leafy Vegetables; Fruit and Perennial Crops; Root crops; Herbs 052620-1 20-Nov-20 19-Nov-21
Send Us Email Agro Advanced International Phils. Inc Martin Searle CEO TD, RC (AI-OBCA) (PNS 07:2016, PNS 182:2016 and OCCP Private Certification Program) Tarssus Organic Botanical BCA 051120-1 051120-2 01-Sept-2020 (re-issued 4-Sept-2020) 31-Aug-21
Send Us Email Agspec Philippines Corporation Palis, Felicitos V. President TD, RC (AI-OBCA, Allowed Input (PNS 07:2016, PNS 182:2016 and OCCP Private Certification Program) Organic Botanical BCA-M-PEDE IMPIDE brands Allowed Input- Previsto 048620-1, 048620-2 (re-issued 29-Jan-2021) 21-Feb-21 20-Feb-22
Send Us Email Adviento's Integrated Farm Victor A. Adviento Farm Owner CP (PNS 07:2016) Leafy and Fruit Vegetable Crops, Legumes and Root Crops, Herbs annd Spices and Perennials Crops 055021-1 (re-issued 11-March-2021) 05-Mar-21 04-Mar-22
Send Us Email Agrizkaya Cooperative Federation Ms. Eden Lacar Manager CP (PNS 07:2016) Agrizcaya Brand: Grain Crops, Fresh Fruits, Fruit Vegetables, Root Crops, Legume Crops , Leafy Vegetables 052120-1 19-Nov-20 18-Nov-21
Send Us Email DA - Batanes Experimental Station RFO2 (BES) Mr. Freddie B. Corsino Center Chief III CP, AI-Gen, SP-MP (PNS 07:2016) Fresh and Planting Materials: Oyster Mushroom, Fruit-Vegetable Crops, Leafy-Vegetable Crops, Legume Crops, Herbs and Spices, Perennial Crops, Root Crops, Grain Crops 052920-1 26-Nov-20 25-Nov-21
Send Us Email DMDC Farm Domingo Dela Cruz Owner CP (PNS 07: 2016) Fruit-Vegetable Crops, Leafy-Vegetable Crops, Legume Crops, Herbs and Spices, Perennial Crops, Root Crops, Grain Crops, Other Crops 054821-1 (Re-issued 3-March 2021) 27-Jan-21 26-Jan-22
Send Us Email Herbanext Inc. Philip Cruz General Manager CP, Pr (PNS 07:2016) Fresh: Herbs and Herbals, Rootcrops and Perennial Fruits and Herbals; Daily Apple Brand: Processed Herbal Tea Products; Essential Oils, Fruit Preserves and Jams 049320-1 & 049320-2 21-Apr-20 20-Apr-21 extended until 30-Sept-2021
Send Us Email JP BYM Organic Feeds Manufacturing John Kamekawa General Manager AI-OSA (PNS 07:2016, PNS 183:2016) NBEM Bio Activator Organic Fertilizer 049020-1 16-Mar-20 15-Mar-21 extended until 15-Aug-21
Send Us Email Bounty Fresh Food Incorporated Engr. John Irabon Manure Processing Stockman AI-OSA (PNS 07:2016; 183:2016) Seasons Organic PLANT SUPPLEMENT 050920-1 26-Aug-20 25-Aug-21
Send Us Email Agrigrowth International Corp Arcasinando Curfie P. Obena President TD, RC (AI-OBCA) (PNS 07:2016; 182:2016) Fortem Microbiological Organic BCA, FortePlus F1 Botanical Organic BCA, FortePlus F2 Botanical Organic BCA 050720-1 04-Aug-20 03-Aug-21 extended until 30-Sep-21
Send Us Email HOA Trading Corporation Jimmy Lin CEO AI-OBCA (PNS 07:2016; 182:2016) Agrovit Organic Pesticide and Agrovit Pesticide Plus 051420-1 21-Sep-20 20-Sep-21
Send Us Email Rotto Fresh Traders International Corporation Jonald V Rosal President RC (AI-OSA) (PNS 07:2016; 183:2016) Heuksalim Gold Organic Plant Supplement 051320-1 15-Sep-20 14-Sep-21
Send Us Email Sci-Pro International, Inc. Kenzee Mae Requizo VP for Operations TD, RC (AI-OSA) (PNS 07:2016; 183:2016) Perfectose Liquid Organic Plant Supplement, Pronto Liquid Organic Plant Supplement 050120-1 29-Jun-20 Re-issued 7-Aug-20 28-Jun-21 extended until 30-Oct-21
Send Us Email DA- MIMAROPA-Palawan Agricultural Center (DA-PAC) Antonio Gerundo Regional Executive Director CP, AI-Gen (PNS 07:2016) Perennial and Fruit Crop, Vegetables, Legumes, Herbs and Spices, Leafy Vegetables, Rootcrops, Grain and Seeds 054120-1 (Re-issued 22-Jan-2021) 29-Dec-20 28-Dec-21
Send Us Email DMI Medical Supply Co., Inc. -Heavenbount Eco-Farm Gina Marie M. Espejo Managing Director CP, AI-Gen; AI-OSA (PNS 07:2016; PNS 183:2016) Heavenbount EcoFarm Brand: Leafy Vegetables Crops,Legumes Crops,Vegetables Fruit Crops,Herbs and Spices,Root Crops,Perrenials (Fruit,Plantation Crops),Planting Materials-seedlings,Liquid Organic Plant Supplement and Solid Liquid Organic Plant Supplement 054521-1 054521-2 (Re-issued 9-March 2021) 13-Jan-21 12-Jan-22
Send Us Email Eclof Philippines Microfinance, Inc. Rosemary Castro President CP (PNS 07:2016) Under Company Name Brand: Rice 053820-1 23-Dec-20 22-Dec-21
Send Us Email Richfield Agrifarms, Inc Darwin Paul Pecjo Manager AI-OSA (PNS 07:2016; PNS 183:2016) Organic Plant Supplement- Enrich + brand 053220-1 re-issued- 10 March 2021 17-Dec-20 16-Dec-21
Send Us Email Feta Integrated Farm Edwin Fetalino Farm Owner AP, CP (PNS 07:2016) Feed Ingredients: Perennial crop and others; legume, rootcrop, grain; Chicken Eggs, Stingless Bee Colony 053720-1 & 053720-2/ 057621-1 & 057621-2 22-Dec-20 / 22-Dec-21 21-Dec-21/ 21-Dec-22
Send Us Email Global Green Organic Fertilizer, Inc. Engr. Ricky Sun President AI-OSA ( PNS 07:2016; PNS 183:2016) Amino Plus Brand: Organic Foliar Fertilizer 054721-1 21-Jan-21 20-Jan-22
Send Us Email GreenEarth Heritage Foundation Inc. DR. Mylene V. Matti Manager CP, Pr (PNS 07:2016) GreenEarth Brand: Processed Moringa; No labelling for Assorted Fruits and Vegetables 053320-1 and 053320-2 18-Dec-20 17-Dec-21
Send Us Email Hardin ng Buhay Agricultural Learning Center (Central Luzon Integrated Research Center for Lowland Development) Mr. Ronaldo M. Angat General Manager/Station Manager CP, AI-Gen (PNS 07:2016) Fruit Vegetables (fresh), Legumes (Fresh), Legumes seed,Fruits vegetables and other planting materials 051620-1 23-Oct-20 21-Oct-21
Send Us Email Jaya Secret Garden Junah A. Bayag Owner CP (PNS 07:2016) Brand under Company Name: Leafy Vegetables Crops, Roots Crops, Legumes Crops, Fruit and other Vegetables, Perennials Crops, Culinary Herbs and Spices 053620-1 21-Dec-20 20-Dec-21
Send Us Email Lao Integrated Farms Inc. Benjamin R Lao President/CEO CP, AI-OSA, RC-PR (PNS 07:2016; PNS 183:2016) Donabelle Brand: Leafy Vegetable Crops,Vegetable Fruit Crops , Rootcrops, Herbs and Spices, Legumes, Perennials Fruit and Plantation Crops, Process Products, Uncle Ben's Vermicast Organic Plant Supplement 054421-1, 054421-2 and 054421-3 6-Jan-2021 & 11-Jan-21 (for AI-OSA) 5-Jan-2022 10-Jan-22 (for AI-OSA)
Send Us Email Lifebank Microfinance Foundation Inc- Center for Bayanihan Economics Mr. Nicanor Jesus Perlas III Administrator CP (PNS 07:2016) Herbs and Spices, Rootscrops, Legumes, Fruits Vegetables,Leafy Vegetables, Perennials (Fruit Crops), Grain Crops, Others- No labelling 051720-1 Re-issued 22-April-21 24-Oct-20 23-Oct-21
Send Us Email Nature's Joy-Natural Products Jonathan Andrew Z. Tiglao Manager AP (Specific for Beekeeping) (PNS 07:2016) Nature's Joy Brand: Honey, Beeswax 053520-1 19-Dec-20 18-Dec-21
Send Us Email Organic Producer and Exporter Corporation (OPEC) Koronado B. Apuzen President/CEO CP (PNS 07:2016) Brand Under Company Name Only: Leafy Vegetable Crops, Other Vegetable Crops, Herbs and Spices, Roots Crops, Perrenial Crops 054321-1 6-Jan-21 5-Jan-22
Send Us Email Roy Agribest Philippines Inc. (Rovy Pine Fiber Corporation) Alexander Leo S Pascual General Manager AI-OSA (PNS 07:2016; PNS 183:2016) Royale Green Bio Organic Fertilizer 051820-1 30-Oct-20 29-Oct-21
Send Us Email Talete King Panyulung Kapampangan (A microfinance NGO) Inc. TPKIF nature Farm Rev. Fr. Eddie T. Panlilio Chairman CP (PNS 07:2016) Farm Fresh TPKIF Nature's Farm Brand: Herbs and Spices, Fruit Vegetables, Perennial (Fruit), Leafy Vegetables and Grains 053420-1 18-Dec-20 17-Dec-21
Send Us Email Andrade Fertilizer Manufacturing Timoteo Candole Owner AI-OSA (OCCP-PNS 07:2016 and PNS 183:2016) Organic Plant Supplement (Wonder Grow brand) 055421-1 18-Feb-21 17-Feb-22
Send Us Email BobCel Farms Inc Mr. Roberto Almajose President/General Manager CP (OCCP-PNS 07:2016) Perennial Crops, Leafy Vegetables, Fruit Vegetables, Legume Crops, Herbs & Spices 055921-1 25-Mar-21 24-Mar-22
Send Us Email BPI- Los Banos National Crop Research and Development Center Herminigilda A. Gabertan OIC Center Chief AI-Gen (OCCP-PNS 07:2016) Legumes Seeds, Fruit Vegetable Crop Seeds (brand under company name) 055521-1 18-Feb-21 17-Feb-22
Send Us Email Cortijo De Palsabangon Farm OPC Ms. Ayrin Llorin Owner CP, AI-Gen (OCCP-PNS 07:2016) Leafy Vegtables, Fruit Vegetables, Herbs and Spices, Perennials: Fruits, Plantation Crops 055621-1 25-Mar-21 24-Mar-22
Send Us Email Danizon Farms Danilo V. Hizon Owner CP (OCCP-PNS 07:2016; PNS 42:2008) Leafy Vegetables Crops,Fruit Vegetables Crops, Herbs and Spices, Legumes Crop, Fruit and Perennials Crops and Grain Crop 054921-1 29-Jan-21 28-Jan-22
Send Us Email EMP Feed Mix Manufacturing Mr. Siegfred A. Dela Paz Owner AI-OSA (OCCP-PNS 07:2016, 183:2016) Organic Plant Supplement-ET-Plus brand 055221-1 2-Feb-21 1-Feb-22
Send Us Email Luntiang Republika EcoFarms Corporation Mr. Eduardo Cleofe Farm Owner CP, AI-Gen (OCCP-PNS 07:2016) Leafy Vegtables, Fruit Vegetables, Fruit and Perennials, Root Crops, Herbs and Spices (brand Under company name only) 055821-1 25-Mar-21 24-Mar-22
Send Us Email Sanctuario Nature Farms Corp Mr. Fernando B. Isidro Operations Manager CP (OCCP-PNS 07:2016) Leafy Vegetables, Fruit Vegetables, Root Crops, Legumes Crops, Herbs and Spices (brand Under Company Name Only) 055721-1 Re-issued 30-March 2021 25-Mar-21 24-Mar-22
Send Us Email Envireau Pacific Incorporated Francis B. Ramirez General Manager TD, RC (AI-OBCA and OSA), Allowed Input (OCCP-PNS 07:2016; 183:2016) Organic Plant Supplement- Vigore Max brand Allowed Input- Ionic Copper Concentrate (BCA), Xtend Plant Oil Adjuvant (II); Purespray Green (BCA); 055321-1; 055321-2 10-Feb-21 9-Feb-22
Send Us Email Oracle Chem Corp GLENN M. CHAVEZ Managing Director Rc (AI-OBCA) , TD (OCCP-PNS 07:2016; 182:2016, OCCP private certification program) Botanical BCA-Plantshield 0.6 SL; Promax; Proud 3 brands 051520-1, 051520-2 13-Oct-20 12-Oct-21
Send Us Email UPL Philippines Inc. (previously Arysta Lifescience Philippines Inc.) Mayflor B. Gamino, RCh Regulatory Specialist TD, RC (AI-OBCA) ("OCCP-PNS 07:2016; 182:2016; OCCP private certification program Organic Botanical BCA-Vacciplant 45 SL brand 056121-1; 056121-2 13-Apr-21 12-Apr-22
Send Us Email Marine Algae Products Inc Belle Lagartija President AI-OSA (OCCP-PNS 07:2016; PNS 183:2016) Organic Fertilizer (Liquid)- BioSea Boost brand 056221-1 20-Apr-21 19-Apr-22
Send Us Email Agas Bukid Farm Cesar A. Paragas Owner AI-OSA (PNS 07:2016, PNS 183:2020, PNS 291:2019) Organic Plant Supplement-CANAAN 056321-1 Re-issued: 04 May 2021 30 April 2021 29 April 2022
Send Us Email AMO Agriventures Corp. Atty. Eric Galo P. Acuña President AI-OSA (PNS 07:2016; PNS 183:2020; PNS 291:2019) Organic Plant Supplement- AMOrganiko brand 056421-1 4-May-21 3-May-22
Send Us Email MJD Urban Escapes Farm & Resort Emelita DL. Seguit Owner CP (OCCP-PNS 07:2016_ Leafy Vegetables Crops, Fruit Vegetables Crops, Legumes Crops, Root Crops, Perrenial Crops, Herbs and Spices 056521-1 7-May-21 6-May-22
Send Us Email BFAR-National Freshwater Fisheries Technology Centre (NFFTC) Ma. Jodecel C. Danting Center Chief AQ, CP (Feed Ingredients for own use) OCCP-PNS 112: 2016, PNS 187:2016 and PNS 07:2016 Tilapia Broodstocks, Tilapia Fingerlings, Ulang Post-Larvae Azolla Feed Ingredients, Duckweed Feed Ingredients, Madrea de Agua Feed Ingredients, Malunggay Feed Ingredients and Coconut Oil Feed Ingredients 056621-1 & 056621-2 10-May-21 9-May-22
Send Us Email Chemrez Technologies Inc. Glenn Apostol Technical Manager Recognition-AIlowed Input (OCCP Private Certification Program Allowed Input Adjuvant, Input Ingredient- Activ AJ28, Crop Guard-Activ AJ32E (Adjuvant) II-210017; II-210018; and II 210019 19-Jan-21 18-Jan-22
Send Us Email Saemwoo Chemical Manufacturing Corporation Dong ik Kim Owner Allowed Input (OCCP Private Certification Program) Allowed Input- 100F Sulfur Powder , Bento Sulfur SA210024 and SA210025 8-Jun-21 7-Jun-22
Send Us Email ELR Family Trading Co. Inc. Joseph Emmanuel C. Ruiz General Manager AI-OSA (PNS 07:2016; 183:2020, 291:2019) Organic Plant Supplement-Brand Plantmate 056921-1 25-May-21 24-May-22
Send Us Email Greenfield Vermi Agro Recycling Corp Mr. Edwin Villafuerte Production Manager AI-OSA (PNS 07:2016; 183:2020, 291:2019) Organic Plant Supplement- Brand Greenfield Vermicast 057421-1 22-Jun-21 21-Jun-22
Send Us Email Lebak Sustainable Organic Agriculture Multi-Purpose Cooperative (LESOA-MPC) Valmike S. Talagtag Chairman CP (PNS 07:2016, 42:2019 and 290:2019) Organic Black Palay, Organic Milled Black Rice- Brand Emperor 057121-1 7-Jun-21 6-Jun-22
Send Us Email NS Northern Organic Fertilizers Inc (NSNOFI) Mr. Norvy Abyadang Jr. Business Development Manager and Director RC (AI-OSA) and AI-OSA (PNS 07:2016, PNS 183:2020 and PNS 291:2019 ) Organic Plant Supplement- Brand Siglat and MultiGreen 056821-1; 056821-2 25-May-21 24-May-22
Send Us Email Sorosoro Ibaba Development Cooperative Geron, Rico /Arnel Magsino General Manager/ AI-OSA (OCCP-PNS 07:2016; 183:2016) Organic Plant Supplement- KOOPLIKAS 055121-1 1-Feb-21 31-Jan-22
Send Us Email Victory Global Unlimited Systems, Inc Buteng, Jaime B. President AI-OSA (PNS 07:2016; 183:2016) Organic Fertilizer- Brand Full harvest Root and Leaf 056721-1 25-May-21 24-May-22
Send Us Email Biostadt Philippines, Inc. Mr. Narendra Pal Singh President TD, RC (AI-OBCA) (PNS 07:2016; 182:2016) TD, RC (AI-OBCA) (PNS 07:2016; 182:2016)- Neemactin 1.2 EC 057521-1; 057521-2 26-Jul-21 25-Jul-22
Send Us Email ENVIRO SCOPE SYNERGY INC Mr. Raj Gagoomal Director PNS 07:2016, 183:2016, 291:2019, 182:2016 Botanical BCA-Brand Parker Neem Tonic Enviro Ultra PK Enviro Fatal-D Enviro Artemus Organic Fertilizer (Liquid)-Brand Enviro Hi-Crop Enviro Ultra Action Organic Soil Conditioner- Parker Neem Cake 057321-1 & 057321-2 re-issued 18-Jul-2021 9-Jun-21 8-Jun-22
Send Us Email Radialpro Trading, Inc. Rajesh N. Gagoomal BOD TD, RC (AI-OSA), RC (AI-OBCA) (PNS 07:2016, 183:2016, 291:2019, 182:2016) Organic Fertilizer (Liquid)- Brand Enviro Hi-Crop Enviro Ultra Action Organic Soil Conditioner- Parker Neem Cake Organic Botanical BCA- Parker Neem Tonic Enviro Ultra PK 057221-1 & 057221-2 9-Jun-21 8-Jun-22
Send Us Email Stockton-Agrimor Philippines, Inc. Kristle Grace A. Hawod Country Manager TD, RC (AI-OBCA) (PNS 07:2016; 182:2016) Botanical OBCA- Timorex Gold and Dekel 057021-1; 057021-2 8-Jun-21 7-Jun-22
Send Us Email Great Harvest Agri Chemicals Corporation Mr. Lyle Daniel L. Baconguis President TD), RC (AI-OBCA) (PNS 07:2016; 182:2016; 183:2016) Organic Botanical BCA- Brand Regalia Organic Microbial BCA- Brand Venerate, Majestene, Grandevo 048120-1 and 048120-2 Reissued: 10 June 2020 30 January 2020 6-July-2021 to 31-August-2021